Our Services

The focus of Fitnessearth is to provide all of our clients, from the common man of the large community to the fitness freaks, the information, advice, expertise and consultation necessary to achieve the best possible results through systematic and scientific schedules

Services available for you:
  • Personal Training & outsourcing: Provide personal training at your convenient place.
  • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation: Assessment of various clinical conditions and provide customized training.
  • Women Health & exercises: Provide best programs for healthy pre/post pregnancy and specific health related problems of women .
  • Physical Education Management & Outsourcing: Management of PE activities at your educational institution or work place.
  • Fitness Consultation: Free consultation to make a perfect start into a fitter life.
  • Corporate Training: Offer specific training programs at your workplace or social club. Presentation at work places creating awareness on specific occupational problems and exercises to overcome them.
  • Sports Infrastructure Management & Maintenance: Completely manage and maintain the sports infrastructures at your work place or educational institution.
  • Corrective Exercises: Customized training to prevent injuries, overcome muscle imbalances and perfect human movements. 
  • Sport Performance Enhancement: Keeping the basic fitness same, every sports has its own specific requirements and every athlete has to master those sport-specific qualities to be successful. Our experts have sufficient knowledge on sports sciences and sports conditioning to set the right training according to your event/sport.

Included in your package:
  • Motivation and education about achieving a healthy lifestyle.
  • Customized stretching programs
  • Reassessment of fitness levels
  • Long term goal setting
  • Permanent lifestyle modifications
  • Program variations

There are various personal training packages available that are designed specifically to suit your life-style and needs. All training packages are based on availability and through direct appointment only . Please call or e-mail to discuss further details.

We also provide Placement Services for the following job positions:
  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Sports Coaches
  • Gym trainers
  • Personal trainers
  • And various managerial positions required for a Sports Center

Service For Women

" The benefits of physical activity and exercise have been proven to be positive for both sexes. There has been extensive research and studies in all areas of health and fitness regarding scientifically sound health and fitness practices. It is also unfortunate that here has been lot of myths surrounding women's health and fitness. Women requirement and purposes of training have always been different. Our experts have been trained to work towards setting the best program according to your individual needs. A solution for all problems related to your fitness and exercise can be found with our trainers.
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