About Us

The author Dr.Harish has earned his PhD in Physical Education with Sports Biomechanics as his specialization for Masters; He is Mr Congeniality - Mr. Dubai 2015; INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) Pro Sports Model, Certified Personal Trainer from American Council on Exercise, Corrective Exercise Specialist; Performance Enhancement Specialist from National Academy of Sports Medicine;. He has an overall experience of more than 14 years in the field of Physical Education, Health & Fitness & Sports. His vast experience in conducting physical education programs, fitness activities for various age groups, sports conditioning, corrective exercises, managing & maintenance of sports infrastructure has made him a master in this profession.

The co-partner Dr.Mercy Teegala has earned her Bachelors in Physiotherapy and pursuing Masters in Physiotherapy (Specialization in Sports); International certified Elite Trainer from Physique Elite (Bodybuilding.com). Her vast experience of more than 7 years in the field of Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Sports Training has been an asset to the organization.

Why Us?
You inquirers might be thinking that when there are so many resources available then why I should go for fitnessearth's services. The following are some of the benefits and reasons for making such an additional investment to help you achieve your goals on health and fitness or any physical activity.

  1. Scientific knowledge based on various research studies: Have a wide knowledge of sports sciences like, Biomechanics, Physiology, Psychology, Sports Medicine etc. that wouldn’t be the case of any physical educationist or fitness trainer.

  2. Completely customized: The truth is that the same exercise may not bring the same results on every individual. It is very important to assess the individual's fitness threshold to guarantee maximum benefits. The author's thorough knowledge and experience will help in setting the right program according to the age and feasibility.

  3. Information: The good or bad, safe or unsafe, necessary or unnecessary, limitations and what’s new in fitness can be grounded here. Doing an exercise on a machine is no guarantee it is safe or is the best form to be done.

  4. Experience in different sports and games: The author's credentials speak about his worth in different games, forms of work outs and all possible sport-specific components of fitness.

  5. Guidance for specific purposes: What all exercises should my child do or which game should he/she participate? Exercises for a pregnant lady, back pain…

  6. Realizing the numerous benefits at single step: No other resource you can find will provide you with all these information i.e. on Physical Education, Health and Fitness, Exercises, Sports and Games or any physical activity, how and why about any activity.

  7. Saving money and time: All solutions will be with scientific background and references showing its authenticity. Prompt attention will be given to your problems and issues there by saving lot of time between meetings.

  8. Making a wise investment on your God-given assets: You have been investing money on so many things for quick results and monetary gains. But have you ever thought of investing on your own self with higher gains than any other kind of investment.